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Dear Collegues,
Please find below some words of Yehuda Berg about what a Commitment means.
“…a commitment is ongoing. It needs to be made and remade every day.
If you decide to run a marathon, you aren’t just choosing to show up on the day of the event.
You’re choosing a path, and that means conditioning every day. If you skip a week of training, you might not make it to the marathon.
Being committed to a spiritual path means sometimes we’ll be alone. We might feel like a black sheep. Other times, people might want us to fail. Or at least when we succeed, their insecurities will be awakened and they won’t be happy about our success.

And one thing’s for sure: we will be tested. Not on our decision, but on our commitment.”

Starting a project, any project, needs a commitment.
A succesfull  iGEM teem needs a written commitment as described in the paper of  Wayne Materi.  We commit ourselfs to work hard, teach/learn lots and have fun.
Worth thinking about Yehuda’s thoughts in general.
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