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Melinda Gates about Polio and Coca-Cola

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A Lab of Their Own | The Daily Scan | GenomeWeb

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A Lab of Their Own | The Daily Scan | GenomeWeb.

OSLI – Synthetic Biology

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OSLI – Synthetic Biology.

Love and Other Drugs

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A good demonstration of the importance of Pharmacology :)))

By the way, anyone tryed kiund of fre traffic stull like this?

Liquid Nitrogen demonstrations

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A set of video demonstrations about the properties and usage of liquid nitrogen were compiled on my new blog on blogger, here:

About Science Education

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Carl Wieman, is a Nobel Laureate in Physics. He gave in the last years a series of lectures about the scientific assesment of teaching science.

On of these lectures about how to teach science given at Harvard can be seen here.

The conclusions are refreshing: there is a way of teaching science outside the laboratories too.

Read more about this topic here

What the National Academy says

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You can have access to excellent books about important topics for FREE!!!
The most important issues of current days biology and science in general are adressed in reports of the comitees of the National academy. Whyle these are real bookks that can be purchased, you can download the pdf version for FREE from the National Academy Press.

These reports can be considered the framework of future grant openings, research trends, and a collection of the most important issues, that are in the mind of scientists.

So, go on and have a look on the topic Biology .

New blog: Labtutorials in Biology-on Blogspot

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Dear all,

I decided to start a parallel blog on Blogspot called also Labtutorials inBiology. As a first step I moved the archives from WordPress to Blogger, and seems to be OK, although the links have to be rebuilt. This is a serious problem since in the mena time the original domain went into parking , and it seems to be rather complicated for an uninitiated like me to fix the problem, especially with the two hours reaction time from Automattic, where the domain is registred.

I do not want to say that Blogger is better than WordPress, and I do not even want to compare it, but I have no time and energy to install a wordpress blog on my own server, that would enable all functionalities to work.

So by now I think I will clean the profiles, the WordPress blog, that is now availble at will be a collection of pure lab tutorial protocolls and descriptions. I will gather video protocolls and try to build a detaild lab tutorial site. On the blogger I will post much more ofthen news, ideas, book reviews and info about the world of biology that is comming.

This world seems to be very exciting, synthetic biology (through iGEM) and do-it-yourself biology will be probabbly the two pillars of it.

So keep in touch and stay tuned,



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Dear Collegues,
Please find below some words of Yehuda Berg about what a Commitment means.
“…a commitment is ongoing. It needs to be made and remade every day.
If you decide to run a marathon, you aren’t just choosing to show up on the day of the event.
You’re choosing a path, and that means conditioning every day. If you skip a week of training, you might not make it to the marathon.
Being committed to a spiritual path means sometimes we’ll be alone. We might feel like a black sheep. Other times, people might want us to fail. Or at least when we succeed, their insecurities will be awakened and they won’t be happy about our success.

And one thing’s for sure: we will be tested. Not on our decision, but on our commitment.”

Starting a project, any project, needs a commitment.
A succesfull  iGEM teem needs a written commitment as described in the paper of  Wayne Materi.  We commit ourselfs to work hard, teach/learn lots and have fun.
Worth thinking about Yehuda’s thoughts in general.

iGEM Hungary

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Dear Colleagues,

You might have heard about iGEM, the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM). I personally became interested in this competition after Malcolm Campbell gave a lecture for us in December 2009. You can see his lectures including the one he gave at the University of Debrecen ( through video connection ) here.  The group coordinated by Malcolm has an excellent Synthetic Bio summary here.

Synthetic Biology is about changing the design of biological entities (like vectors or small systems) into a more predictable, engineer type design.


So we registered with a team Debrecen Hungary. I hope I can keep you updated with the developments.

The best short video about what synthetic biology is can be seen below.

Restriction Enzyme Resources

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Dear Colleagues,

Sometimes it is good to have links that cover a topic. This is why I have collected here a bunch of links that might be useful for you in your work.

You can have a good description of the methods used in restriction enzyme analysis here:

If you would like to use restriction enzymes for your work, you can find a list of links of the best known restriction enzyme providers below.

New England Biolabs


Roche Applied Science: Benchmate



If you want to start your work with these enzymes, please consult the protocol provided with the enzyme or check it at the website of the manufacturer.

Be sure you know what an isoschizomer is, what star activity is, or how you can make double digestion (details here and here).


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Dear Colleagues!

I have decided to make an online collection of the basic (and not so basic) techiques we use in our lab. This is a (hopefully) classical molecular biology lab located in Europe, Hungary, more close in Debrecen. I will present you the lab and environment later.

The idea is to describe these techiques, make a pdf version of the protocols we are using and in some of the cases to upload videos about these techinques.

Any feed-back is welcome at:


Please stay tuned,


2 microliter (ul) Gilson pipet. You can use it to measure volumes between 0.5 and 2 ul-s.

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