iGEM- Hungary

Dear Colleagues,

You might have heard about iGEM, the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM). I personally became interested in this competition after Malcolm Campbell gave a lecture for us in December 2009. You can see his lectures including the one he gave at the University of Debrecen ( through video connection ) here. The group coordinated by Malcolm has an excellent Synthetic Bio summary here.

Synthetic Biology is about changing the design of biological entities (like vectors or small systems) into a more predictable, engineer type design.

So we registered with a team Debrecen Hungary. I hope I can keep you updated with the developments.

The best short video about what synthetic biology is can be seen below.

A new tool for better Presentations is here.

  1. Hello, it’s interesting that 2 days ago I told my boyfriend: I saw a presentation from Bertalan Mesko, and he used a special “powerpoint”. Asked him what could it be, he said that maybe Prezi. We guessed if it’s free or we have to buy it before use. Thanks for the answer Balint:)


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