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Cell passaging video

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We think videos can help a lot for newcommers into the molecular biology laboratory.

One of the goals of our team (iGEM Debrecen 2010) was to generate high quality videos of basic lab protocols. All the protocolls can be viewed here but you can have an intro into Cell passaging righ now if you watch this video:

Why? This is the core question.

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Why going in one particular direction if you can go in any direction? Why following someone, yes even in social media and by web2 tools? Only then comes the question “HOW” and at the very end “WHAT? Yes, the very last questions are WHAT TO DO. We have to know why we do something then how we should do that thing and at the end of course we need to know what exactly we shall do.

If you want to understand these principles, whatch the following video:

Melinda Gates about Polio and Coca-Cola

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Video project of the iGEM Debrecen Team

In Cool stuff, Resources, video on October 28, 2010 at 12:19 pm

Beside the whole project as beeing done, we completed a very nice video project.

See description here.

The protocolls can be found here.

The team wiki for the Debrecen iGEM team is here.

Good luck!

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